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Healing Our Communities: Returning Biblical Soul Care and Discipleship to the Local Church

Live ASL Interpreters

Live ASL Interpreters

Another amazing addition to this year's conference will be live ASL interpreters!

During the conference we will have LIVE interpreters, the live stream we will also include ASL interpreters, AND we will also be recording the interpreters for a future local church training curriculum.

Fallen Soldiers March has partnered with Deaf Biblical Counseling to work together to help veterans who are dealing with physical injuries and loss of hearing.

"Providing interpreting for their conference is one way Fallen Soldiers March (FSM) is supporting Deaf Biblical Counseling (DBC) in our efforts to reach the 70 million Deaf people around the world who do not know Christ, 2.7 Million Veterans who have Service-Connected Hearing Disabilities or are in treatment for Hearing-Related Issues; and 60,000 Military Members Are on Disability for Hearing Loss from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. FSM wants to support DBC in bringing the hope of Christ to the many Deaf Americans who have no access to churches. Conference material on biblical counseling will help equip Deaf Christians to bring the help and hope of the gospel to Deaf people."
 - Rev. Kevin Hamilton, Deaf Biblical Counseling & Pastor at Grace Deaf Presbyterian Church

The introductory video below was provided by Pastor Chuck Snyder.


Tickets on sale NOW for both LIVE and VIRTUAL attendance! Click HERE to purchase!


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