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Healing Our Communities: Returning Biblical Soul Care and Discipleship to the Local Church

Fallen Soldiers March

Fallen Soldiers March

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From seedlings planted in the 1700s in America and Europe, to the first blossoms born in the laboratory of Wundt and the psychoanalytical couch of Freud in the late 1800s, the church has increasingly surrendered its belief in the sufficiency of Scripture to address all matters of life and faith (2 Peter 1:3, et. al).

As the western culture, including its seminaries, ever-increasingly prioritized the scientism of psychology and psychiatry in addressing the problems of the heart and soul, the church found itself abandoning its role and responsibility to counsel to the fields of secular psychology and integrationism.

We invite you to read how The Lord is blessings our mission and welcome your help expanding awareness to those in need of assistance, as well as to Certified Biblical Counselors interested in joining our network.  Fallen Soldiers March has been building a network of Certified Biblical Counselors to address the "Consequences of War" in ways that glorify God.

Fallen Soldiers March (FSM) exists to help reduce the 20+ daily Veteran suicides and to assist Veterans & all Military & First Responder families seeking to understand how God is Sovereign over all His creation & all circumstances.

The Fallen Soldiers March gifts Certified Biblical Counseling to help Veterans, Military & First Responder families overcome the Consequences of War (Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Blast-Induced Brain Injury, Paralysis, Mobility issues, Neurological Challenges, Chemical Exposure, MST, Moral Injury, Divorce, Addiction, Family & Domestic Issues, Bereavement Counseling & Deployment Preparation).

FSM delivers Certified Biblical Counseling and Discipleship live when possible and/or virtually via a secure internet network to accommodate schedules and/or to access individuals living in remote areas, to inspire participation in a local church trusting the Sufficiency of Scripture.

Fallen Soldiers March Biblical Counseling Network Addressing Consequences of War Video: https://youtu.be/eYTiQ6iIfzg

FSM Certified Biblical Counseling: https://fallensoldiersmarch.com/biblical-counseling

FSM Advisory Board:  https://fallensoldiersmarch.com/advisory-board

FSM Website: https://fallensoldiersmarch.com

FSM's Quarterly Newsletter Signup: http://fallensoldiersmarch.com/signup-jr

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